Thursday, January 30, 2014

Nail Nation 3000 Swatches Line, Sinker, Ole Black Water, Holo Dreams, Eternal Love, Trinity, and Awesome Sauce

I have been doing videos clips of my polish reviews & swatches, but guess what, I can't seem to load them here!  I loaded to you tube but they loaded all wobbly.  Until I find a solution, I'll just share some stills with you.  All the polishes were fantastic and unique, no issues at all, all are opaque in 3 coats or less. Here we go...
Ole Black Water



Holo Dreams

1 coat of Shock Pink Grey Cancelling Holo Top Coat over Eternal Love

Awesome Sauce

You can purchase your own Nail Nation 3000 polishes right HERE

B Squared Lacquer Valentine's Day Collection Review & Swatches Bling Bling, Luxury Chocolate, Diva, and Spring Sprang Sprung

I have the B Squared Valentine's Day Collection set to review for you today!  The set consists of 4 polishes: Bling Bling, Luxury Chocolate, Diva, and Spring Sprang Sprung. My order arrived quicker than expected and beautifully presented in a black and white ornate bag and heart stickers. I'm excited to show you this collection as all the polishes are quite fantastic. All swatches have 1 coat of OPI Natural Nail Base Coat under, and 1 coat of Kristi's Klean Kreations Fragranced Top Coat in Buttercream Cupcake, followed by 1 coat of Out The Door Top Coat. All pictures taken in normal bathroom lighting, no flash, no retouch.

Let's get started  with...
Bling Bling! Bling Bling is described as "Talk about holo! Bling Bling is a linear holo with various silver holo glitters, including medium size dots in a holographic base. Can be worn on its own (opaque in 2-3 coats) or used as a topper to add extra bling to any mani" And what you see here is 1 coat over Cult Cosmetics Hollywood Hills, a pale pink.

I wanted to see how it looked over a dark color, so I put 1 coat over Cult Cosmetics Paradise Cove, a dark blue.  Here we go...
You can really see that vibrant holo over the dark polish, but it is angelic and lovely over the pale pink as well. Love Bling Bling and you will too!

Ok moving right along we have...
Luxury Chocolate!  Described as "A milk chocolate linear holo with golden shimmer and a light dusting of gold flakies." What you see here is 2 coats.
Luxury Chocolate is a fabulous holo polish!  Kind of a taupe, but with that beautiful dusty blue blame and added gold fleck, what you get is a very unique, not so brown look.  It's my favorite holo in the brown/taupe tones that I own.

Now let's check out...
Diva!  Diva is described as "A cherry red jelly with micro holo silver and red glitters and flashes of purple flakies." This is 3 coats here.
This one is so hard to capture on camera.  It's a beautiful red jelly, with surprisingly good opacity and formula, with a rainbow of sparkles.  So much prettier in person!

Last but not least we have...
Spring Sprang Sprung! Spring Sprang Sprung is describes as "A GITD (glows green) with blue, pink, yellow, and green neon glitters in a crelly base with flashes of micro blue/purple flakies." This is 3 thin coats.
Spring Sprang Sprung applied surprisingly opaque and gave me no issues.  The glow is very strong, stronger than my other GITD polishes.  I did hold my hands under a lamp for 20 seconds, but it glows like a charm!

If you would like to purchase any of the B Squared polishes, you can do so HERE
If you would like to choose your own Krist's Klean Kreations Fragranced Top Coat, you can do so HERE

Monday, January 27, 2014

Literary Lacquers Review & Swatches of If It Pleases You, Sidewalk's End, & As The Waltz Was Ending

I have 3 more polishes from my Literary Lacquers haul to share with you today.  I recently purchased 9 polishes from Literary Lacquers, have tried them all, and all are fantastic!! All swatches have a base coat of OPI Natural Nail, and are topped with Kriti's Klean Kreations Buttercream Cupcake scented top coat. You can shop the Literary Lacquers Etsy Store HERE, and Shop for your own favorite scented top coat HERE

Ok let's get started with...
If It Pleases You
Described as "If It Pleases you is a deep plum with a touch of brown (or bruise colored if you will) linear holographic polish. 2 coats will give full coverage"
And that is exactly what this is... 2 coats and a deep plum with a touch of brown color.  
Fabulous formula as usual, strong rainbow holo
Absolutely lovely polish

Ok next up we have...
Sidewalk's End
Describes as "is a semi-sheer grey holographic polish with multicolored glass fleck. It is opaque at three thin coats or can be worn as in these photos, at one coat over a grey creme. The glass fleck is more visible with more coats."
And that is exactly true, I have 3 coats here, and the glass fleck really makes this light grey color quite interesting and lovely.
Nice linear holo
Beautiful very wearable pale grey shade.  

Ok next up we have ...
As The Waltz Was Ending
Described as "As the Waltz Was Ending is a delicate pinky-purple crelly holographic polish. It's best at three thin coats."
And that's excatly what this is 3 smooth coats and a lovely lilac shade.
Gorgeous liner holo
This is such a beautiful color
This may be my favorite, it's a close call
Check it out with flash!  WOW!

Literary Lacquers are affordably priced at $10 each, and can be purchased HERE