Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Black Dahlia Lacquer Capital Collection & Holiday Trio

Today I'm bringing to you swatches of the 10 piece Black Dahlia Lacquer Capital Collection & the Holiday Trio, plus the re- release of Sparklefest for the Holidays! All the polishes took 2 to 3 coats, easy peasy with the awesome wide and flat brushes and great formula, with no issues or flaws to report.  We have a great medley of shimmers, holo's, glass fleck, and micro glitters! Let's get the show going!


90 in November: A dark purple chrome with color-shifting shimmer, last pic with flash A gorgeous plummy purple with easy to see shimmer.

 Austin City Limits: A light periwinkle purple linear holo with blue glass flecks, gold shimmer, and gold micro glitter. Last pic has flash. This one is angelic, the pale color combined with combination of flecks, shimmer, and glitter is so perfect!

Barton Springs Babe: A smokey, muted teal with green shimmer with navy flakies. Last pic has flash. Love this color and the flakies and shimmer work beautifully together.

Blue Bonnet Bingo: Bright Blue crelly with purple shimmer. Last pic has flash. This color is so vibrant and was the most opaque of the colors. The purple shimmer gives it that sparkle and oomph!

Capital Rose Garden: Coral pink with color-shifting shimmer and the appearance of a scattered holo.  Last pic taken with flash.This is going to please rose gold and coral lovers alike! Very, very lovely finish on this polish, and a stunner in direct light!

Lady Bird Lake: Navy blue linear holo with gold shimmer and gold glass fleck. Last pic taken with flash. This polish will please you linear holo lovers, the flecks and shimmer make it sparkle in the sun.

My Butter Half: Gold shimmer with gold micro glitter. Last pic taken with flash. A wonderful, wearable, buttery gold!  If you have problems finding golds that work with your skin tone, give this softer gold a try!

South Congress Bats: Light charcoal with army green tones and the appearance of a scattered holo finish. Last pic taken using flash. The polish is sparkly goodness!

SXSW Fever: Dark teal with green shimmer and bright blue flakes.  Last pic taken with flash. Fabulous color and the shimmer and flakes are just beautiful in direct light.

Woke up on 6th Street: Full coverage multi-dimensional silver glitter with accents of gold, aqua, and navy.  Last pic taken using flash. Really great application for a full coverage glitter!  Smoothes out with a good top coat, I used Seche Vite. A sparkly stunner!

This concludes the 10 piece Austin-Inspired collection.  My personal top 3 must haves are Blue Bonnet Bingo, Woke Up on 6th Street, and Lady Bird Lake.

Now let's check out the Holiday trio and Sparklefest!

Texas Ice Flower: Pale turquoise shimmer with blue glass flecks, silver micro glitter and a subtle linear holo finish.  Last pic taken using flash. a frozen, icy, shimmery shade that is super gorgeous when in direct light!

Vibrant Poinsettias: A red leaning pink shimmer with light and dark gold micro glitter, red glass flecks, and the appearance of a scattered holo finish.  Last pic taken using flash. Gorgeous red leaning pink sparkler!

Silver Lotus: Shimmering silver micro glitter with subtle linear holo finish.  Last pic taken using flash. Shimmer and sparkle lovers are going to love this beauty which sparkles in all lighting!

Sparklefest: A top coat filled with silver holographic glitter of different sized in both squares and hexes, and loaded with blue shimmer. This is Sparklefest over Texas Ice Flower and Vibrant Poinsettias. A must have to bump up the sparkle in any mani!

The entire Capital collection and Holiday trio and Sparklefest are available HERE

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