Monday, December 30, 2013

Treasures By Tan Nail Polish Swatches & Review Cotton Candy, Blue Hawaiian, Sand Dunes, and Ocean Mist

 I got another Treasures By Tan order the other day (and I have 2 more orders coming)!! As usual, my order came super fast and beautifully wrapped. Let's check out what I ordered...
Blue Hawaiian, Cotton Candy, and there was a special going where I received a free cuticle oil! Let's start with Blue Hawaiian ( my favorite! )
Gorgeous and bright blue Holo
This is 4 thin coats over OPI base coat, no topcoat
Perfect, smooth application
Vibrant holo in all lighting!
Gorgeous linear holo! Next up is Cotton Candy!
Cotton Candy is a light lilacy pink creamy pink polish with tiny pale blue glitters. It is cotton candy scented! OMG it smells so good! I wish all polishes came scented!
This is 3 coats over OPI basecoat, with homemade mixed top coat
I can't stop smelling my nails!
Here is a close-up of the cuticle oil I got...
It's grapefruit scented and I've been using it day and night! Love it! Now I have 2 pics for you of Treasures by Tan mani's I did earlier this week... Here's Ocean Mist...
A gorgeous blue green And here's Sand Dunes...
A golden sand shade. Treasures by Tan polishes are wonderful, her holos are sheer enough to layer over undies, but are easily built up to rich beautiful color as you can see in the photos. The holo is vibrant and never greyed like other holo polishes. I have almost all her holo polishes (some on the way!) and it's because they are so great! Check out my previous posts for more reviews and swatches of Treasures by Tan polishes. Shop her Etsy store here:

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Ellagee Glitz & Glam Nail Polish Swatches + Review!!

I am so excited to share with you my newest love... Ellagee nail polish duo in Glitz & Glam from the special events collection!  This duo was created for a collection of hand crafted items that will be gifted to members of the press at The Golden Globes by The Artisan Group. You can shop the Ellagee store HERE

When I opened my package today, this is what came out...
I didn't want to open it, it's too pretty! 
But I did, and look what came out...  GORGEOUSNESS!  Just in love with the bottles!

First we'll look at Glam...
Glam is a red jelly base with tiny gold glass fleck glitter.
This is 2 coats... that's all it takes to real full opacity
The formula is superb, glides on beautifully and evenly.  The glitter is incredibly fine and really only visible under direct light... very subtle, but makes this a very unique red polish... and my new fave!
This is without topcoat, dries fast and shiny!

Now let's have a look at Glitz...
Glitz is a clear top coat with multiple sizes of gold holographic glitters.
This is 2 coats of Glitz all on it's own... nearly full coverage.
This is my attempt at gradient glitter nails.
I LOVE this glitter!  It really is the best gold glitter ever, as the multiple sizes and holographic glitters add interest and make this a very unique glitter polish.  The glitters are fine, and are not lumpy like many other glitters. I have 1 coat of top coat and it just feels barely textured. 2 coats of top coat and I'd have a slick surface with no glitter texture.

I am so excited to rock my Glitz & Glam manicure right now for the Holiday season!  it's so festive and makes me happy just looking at my nails!!!

Want your own set? The duo is $17 and you can purchase the set HERE

Friday, December 13, 2013

December 2013 Julep It Girl Box!!

Here we go with the December 2013 Julep It Girl box!
Here's what came inside the box
Here's the colors I got.. Libby, looks greener in person, it's a teal cream. Bunny, a white cream w slight gold shimmer.  Elle, a plum shimmer.

 2 coats of Libby
Love this color!

2 coats of Bunny
I love this one too.. it mainly looks white, but you do see a little gold fleck if you look real close under light, lol

2 coats of Elle
Love this color too!  Very smooth and shiny, my camera is creating the weird lines on the nail, it's a deep, shiny, pearly blackened plum!

Then they included...
A small tote bag.

This box was FREE!!! I just paid 3.95 for shipping.  Use code FREEBOX.  Want your own?  Click HERE

Cult December 2013 Box !!!

Got the December 2013 Cult Box, so here we go!...
Here's what it looks like when I opened the box, minus a flyer
Here's everything individually packaged
I got that orange polish free for sharing on Facebook
El Matador, gorgeous red in the bottle, ignore my nails they are a different color
 Opaque in 1 coat, perfect consistency, I did 2 coats here.
My new favorite red.  I was NOT excited to see a red as I have a dozen, but this is just beautiful!  Cherry red!
Ready to try out some 1st timer nail art next!

Stay Gold, excited about this one as all my golds are either larger or finer glitter, ignore my nails they are a different polish

 This is 3 coats, it's a very yellow gold

 Essie Orange, It's Obvious! Ignore my nails, they are another shade

2 coats here, could use 1 more.

Boneyards, a dark grey, darker than what you see here, ignore my nails they are another color

 Dark grey, not quite as nice a formula as the Red color, but opaque in 2 coats, this is 2 coats.

And a 5 piece double ended dotting tool!  Excited about this as I wanted a set and have never attempted nail art before!

Here's my attempts at nail art:
 Attempt at double dots
Attempt at flower
Grey/Gold gradient attempt
Red/Gold gradient attempt

Comes w a card that shows a flower design and leopard design using everything in the box.
I think this was an awesome deal for $14.99 including shipping!! 
If you want to order your own December Cult Box click here:
And let them know referred you! :)