Friday, December 13, 2013

Nail Nation 3000 Nail Polish Swatches!

I had 4 orders arrive today, the motherlode was my Nail Nation 3000 orders, yes orders! LOL  I'm not going to review them much as they are all great! But here's the swatches of polish colors minus 1 as I only have 10 nails, but I'll add the last polish shortly. You can read about the colors and shop her store HERE  I did 3 thinnish coats on all. Ok, let's get down to business...

From left to right as pictured... Eleonora, Mozelle, Dancing In The Sky, Holo Dreams
Yes they do all look alike!  They looked different on the site, LOL. There are subtle differences as described on her site, and I went from lightest to darkest here.

I love them all, and am happy I got them. If I could only have 1 I think I would go with Mozelle... the rainbow holo attracts me most.
 From left to right as pictured...Holo Dreams, Dancing In The Sky, Mozelle, and Eleonora

Up next we have...
So Your Igloo Or Mine?
Love this Holo Duo chrome!

Next up we have....

From left to right as pictured...So Guess What, Passionate, Beautimous Maximus, and Forever & Ever Amen
Another shot.  I love them all but if I could only choose 1 it would be Beautimous Maximus.  The holo on So guess What is GORGEOUS but is thinner/sheerer than the other polishes.

And here we have...
 It's a very greyed plum and the only dark polish I bought.

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