Friday, December 13, 2013

December 2013 Julep It Girl Box!!

Here we go with the December 2013 Julep It Girl box!
Here's what came inside the box
Here's the colors I got.. Libby, looks greener in person, it's a teal cream. Bunny, a white cream w slight gold shimmer.  Elle, a plum shimmer.

 2 coats of Libby
Love this color!

2 coats of Bunny
I love this one too.. it mainly looks white, but you do see a little gold fleck if you look real close under light, lol

2 coats of Elle
Love this color too!  Very smooth and shiny, my camera is creating the weird lines on the nail, it's a deep, shiny, pearly blackened plum!

Then they included...
A small tote bag.

This box was FREE!!! I just paid 3.95 for shipping.  Use code FREEBOX.  Want your own?  Click HERE

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