Saturday, December 7, 2013

Treasures by Tan Holographic Nail Polish Swatches & Review

Hello Lovelies!
I got 2 of my orders today of polishes I bought from Etsy, and I will be showing you Treasures by Tan Holographic polish swatches today, and a glitter topper. You can shop Treasures by Tan here:
I purchased a total of 6 polishes, which arrived incredibly fast. I will be starting with the 4 Holographic colors. Her holographic polishes are made with grade 35 spectraflair, which promises a beautiful rainbow of sparks and shifts in the color. All the polishes apply easily and smoothly, full coverage in 3 coats, and dry down smooth and shiny!

From left to right we have "Sand dunes", "Ocean mist", "Purple Nurple", & "Blackout".
Notice the cute butterfly labels on the bottles. You are looking looking at 3 coats.  Actually 4 on the sand dunes and blackout, because I smudged them. Oops.

Sand dunes is gorgeous, not nearly as gold in person as it shows here, that's the 35 grade spectraflair holo giving off that golden glow!

And here's another shot of Sand Dunes

Up next is Ocean Mist
A gorgeous teal, nice blue green
Here's another shot of Ocean Mist
Up next we have Purple Nurple
This color is much darker in person, like a blackened purple.  But when that light hits it you get that bang of bright holo
And here's one more shot of Purple Nurple

Last but not least is Blackout
Harder to catch the holo indoors on my camera for you
And one more

The other holographic polish I bought from Treasures by Tan is a holographic top coat called Oasis
You just coat this over any polish and it transforms it into a holographic polish! I used 2 coats
OPI Sweet Memories 2 coats

With Treasures by Tan Oasis top coat
Sinful Colors Mint Apple 2 coats
With Treasures by Tan Oasis top coat 2 coats
Wet n Wild On a Trip 2 coats
With Treasures by Tan Oasis top coat 2 coats
Sinful Colors Why Not 2 coats
With Treasures by Tan Oasis top coat 2 coats
Sinful Colors Dream On, and yes it does look this matte in person
Not anymore now that I have 2 coats of Oasis Spectraflair Top Coat!!

Now for the glitter topper!  This is called Argyle, and has grey, pink, and aqua glitter in a clear base.
Here is Argyle over Ocean Mist 2 coats

Here is Argyle over OPI Sweet Memories 2 coats
No fishing for glitters necessary, easy to apply, can't wait to play with this over other colors!!

IN LOVE with Treasures by Tan polishes and will be buying more!! 
Shop her Etsy store

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  1. Looks great, thanks so much for taking the time to post on my polishes!