Thursday, January 2, 2014

Layla Hologram Nail Polish Swatch & Review Ocean Rush

Hey Lovelies!
So I picked up 2 Layla hologram polishes, 1 in Ocean Rush, and 1 in Mermaid Spell.  I paid $12 a bottle and have seen them sold for $15 a bottle, not cheap stuff!  Today I will show you Ocean Rush...
Actually it looks like I'm holding Mermaid Spell in this photo, lol oopsie.  The nails are Ocean Rush!
The holo is strong and vibrant
This is 4 thin coats on bare nails.  Even at 4 coats it's patchy! I see bald spots real bad especially in the shade.  You cannot put this over a base coat, I tried and it swam all over the nail bed. Layla sells a buffer that you are supposed to use before this polish, I figured I could get away with using buffers I already own. Last time I buffed was about a week ago, I probably should have done it immediately prior to application, maybe that would have helped. Either way, this polish has awful application!!!  But the holo these polishes give are pretty fantastic. 
I love this medium blue shade too. Just wish they were half the price.
One last shot of Layla Ocean Rush

Overall I am happy I have these but I doubt I will repurchase others. Color Club is half the price for a great holo with good application, Dance Legend polishes are the same price but with amazing consistency. And then there are so many amazing Indie brands such as Colors by Llarowe, Nail Nation 3000, and Literary Lacquers (just to name a few) where we can find amazing holos with much better application... no balding after 4 coats! 

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