Thursday, January 9, 2014

You Polish Nail Polish January Box Review & Swatches Gravender Aura, Mermaid Charm, Radiant Orchid, and Valiant Effort

So I stumbled upon You Polish, an Indie brand that's new to me,they had a pre-order on polish boxes, you get to pick 2 out of 5 new pre-released shades and the first 20 get a random nail wheel with fimo, gems, pearls or a mix.  Every other box also receives a hair tie.  The cost, including shipping is $17.99.  I loved all the colors offered so I had to get 2 boxes, lol!  Well I was in that 1st 20 because I received 2 nail wheels and 2 hair ties!  Yay!  Ok so let's take a look at all that came in my box...
Radiant Orchid, Mermaid Charm, Gravender Aura, and Valiant Effort!
I got a wheel of those caviar beads I have been wanting to try!
And I got these colorful glitter shapes too.. lots of hearts  and stars, and I love hearts and stars!
I love the winter pattern hair ties too!  I wore one yesterday and it was comfy and did the job great!
Now let's get down to business...

Radiant Orchid!
A gorgeous orchid linear holo!
Opaque in 2 smooth as butter coats!
Gorgeous, strong, vibrant holo!

Ok let's check out...

Mermaid Charm!
Gorgeous seafoam linear holo!
Opaque in 2 smooth coats!
It's really is a beauty, looking almost pale baby blue at times!
Vibrant, strong holo, another winner here!

Now it's time for...
Gravender Aura!
A pale grey lavender with a hint of holo
This is a 1 coater!!!  I did 2 here, but 1 is really all you need!
Really nice easily wearable shade, shiny and smooth!
One last look at Gravender Aura

Now it's time for ...
Valiant Effort!

Gorgeous lavender/purple linear holo!
Opaque in 2 smooth as butter coats!
Gorgeous in all lighting, the holo is strong and vibrant
One last look at the beauty Valiant Effort

I am thrilled with You Polish and can't wait to see next months box colors!!  Want your own monthly box, or want to purchase any of the colors I've swatched here? Purchase it HERE

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